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About Dakota Timber co.

Today, words like recycle, reuse, and sustainability are often used as a means to increase sales. At Dakota Timber Co, these words define actions that are essential to not only preserving our planet, but a healthy way of life. Dakota Timber Co. lives by these "earth friendly" practices; not for sales, but because there is always a less destructive way to live.

Dakota Timber Co. has been informing the design community about sustainable practices for home and commercial construction through the use of Reclaimed Wood Products since 2008.   Dakota Timber Co. manufactures a wide array of reclaimed wood building products for homeowners, builders, and contractors across the U.S.

The founder, Seth Carlson, got his start in the reclaimed wood world while in college. In 2008 he started a reclaimed wood furniture manufacturing company, Ingvald's Custom Builds, based in Duluth, MN until he sold that company off in 2011. Since then, he has shifted his focus to what is now strictly a building materials manufacturing company.

Initially the company went by ICSS Supply Co. from 2012 to 2016, however now in 2017, the new name, Dakota Timber Company was put in place for a number of reasons. The most important reason was the desire to have a long-lasting, clearly understood term that explains who, what, and where we are. Dakota Timber is the region's largest sawmill production company specializing in re-manufactured salvaged lumber products including (but not limited to) flooring, paneling, trimwork, beamwork, slabs, and other structural millwork which are sold to a vast array of clients across the region.