Live Edge Slabs

Live edge slabs bring a piece of history and nature to your home, your company…your space.

All of our live edge slabs come from local boulevard trees that have been taken down for preventative reasons, damage, etc. They are then brought to our Fargo yard and milled on one of our two sawmills. Once the logs have been milled into slabs, they are stacked and placed in our kiln to dry. Dry time varies based on many factors but, usually take around 2 months to dry.

Once the wood is dry, the guys work on each individual slab to “clean them up”. This process may involve cutting, planing, and sanding. After the slabs have been flattened, they are brought into our showroom and are available for purchasing. We leave majority of our slabs unfinished allowing you to choose the finish you would like applied to your favorite piece!

Below are a few images of customers slabs made into unique tables, shelves, and more!

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We recently got a new sawmill allowing us to cut up to 5' wide live edge slabs as well as cookie cuts! These cookies make for the perfect night stand, coffee table, shelf, and so much more.

We're going to show you a step by step process of what we did to make a rough sawn cookie into a unique little table and describe alternative options for you to do the same!


Find the cookie cut that's right for you! We went with this funky little rough sawn Elm cookie that was roughly 2' in diameter.



We then made many, many passes through the wide belt sander to make the cookie smooth and flat on both sides. This also made the true color show as well as the incredible figuring.

You can see the difference in color and texture in the image below. The smooth cookie cut is on the left and the rough sawn cookie is on the right. We have a hand full of each smooth and rough sawn in our showroom available for you to take a look at! If you're interested in a rough sawn one, we can smooth it down for you on site.



Once both sides were completely smooth, we hand sanded the edges to smooth out the cracks and grooves as well as soften the edges.



We wanted the unique figuring to stand out a little more so we sprayed a couple coats of our standard water based lacquer.

This is something we can do for your purchased cookie or you can purchase a quart of our finish for a fun and simple DIY project! If you plan to finish yourself, you can use a brush to spread the clear coat on.



Once the finish completely dried, we added three steel hairpin legs to complete the table.

We have a few different styles and sizes of legs available for you to choose from at both our Fargo and Bismarck locations.

In the completed photos below, you can see this table was used for a little kids table but the options are endless for these unique pieces!


LIVE Reclaimed Wood Paneling Installation

Watch Seth as he channels his inner Bob Ross/Tom Silva/Shoeless Hippie Handyman and presents you with a quick and easy install guide for covering a small nook in reclaimed wood paneling. This 1-2 hour project is a great way to update any room!

*Paneling used in video is LOGAN - natural clear coat on skip sanded reclaimed mix*

Interested in trying this DIY project? View our current selection for paneling & flooring or visit us at either our Fargo or Bismarck location to see our selections in person.

How to: Paneling Installation Guide

Alright.. So you bought some of our paneling but just don't know if you can install it yourself? Well, we're here to provide you with a step-by-step tutorial to help encourage your DIY self!

Optional Material:

  • Laser Level

  • Chalk Line

  • Construction Adhesive

Here's What You Need:

  • Paneling

  • Stud Finder

  • Level

  • Brad Nailer

  • 2" Brad Nails

  • Chop Saw

  • Pneumatic Air Gun

  • Marker

Let's Get Started!

0 Reclaimed Wood Fargo Bismarck Remove Paneling.JPG


Open your bundles of paneling and lay out your material in 'easy to grab' piles.

To ensure an even distribution of colors from one of our natural styles, you can lay out the boards in the order you would like them to be placed so you can visually see it before placing it on the wall.

1- Reclaimed Wood Wall Dakota TimberStud Finder.JPG


On your chosen accent wall, use a stud finder to locate your studs.  Not every board needs to hit a stud but knowing where your studs are will help secure the paneling.

3 How to Install Reclaimed Wood Wall Level first board .JPG


Starting at the bottom corner of your wall, make sure your first board is level by using a hand level or a laser level.

Use your nail gun to tack your board in place trying to hit any studs you may cross along the way.

4 Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Bump Out any Outlets.JPG


If you are placing paneling around an outlet or light switch, you will need to bump out the outlet as you work.  Once your paneling is completely installed, you can replace your outlet cover for a seamless look.

8 How to Install Wood Wall Stagger Paneling.JPG


Continue to lay your boards in rows of the same width and trim pieces once you reach a corner or the end of the wall.  When starting a new row, use your small cut off pieces – this will improve your staggered pattern and prevent creating waste.

9 Reclaimed Wood Wall Check Level.JPG


Make sure your paneling is staying level as you work your way up the wall.

91 Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Paneling Brad Nail .JPG


Continue to install the boards row by row until you reach the top of your wall. 

Trim the boards as needed to maintain a stagger, fit to a corner, or go around an outlet.

93 Reclaimed Wood Dakota Timber Co Fargo Moorhead Bismarck Finished Wall.JPG


Take a step back and admire your new did it!

Want to print this guide for easier viewing? View our FREE printable paneling install guide here.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for installation issues or problems that arise during installation.  We will not be liable for any mistakes in calculating the amount of material needed or for improper installation which results in needing extra material to finish the job.

This guide is meant as a reference for basic practices and is not a comprehensive tutorial for the basic carpentry skills needed to successfully install your paneling.  Contact a licensed contractor for professional installation.

Don't want to DIY? Call us for a referral of a recommended installer!

Fargo - 701.361.8827 



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