Salvaging Bleachers From The Napoleon Dynasty | North Dakota Reclaimed Wood Supplier


It was an honor to work hand in hand with Napoleon Public Schools this week. I had the privilege of salvaging the bleacher boards that had been in use in their main gymnasium since the 1950s. 

For those who don't know, Napoleon, ND is a small town in south central North Dakota. Napoleon is famous for their successful wrestling program which has dominated North Dakota high school wrestling for decades. With over a dozen state team championships on their belt and a multitude of individual wrestling championships, Napoleon is truly a dynasty. 

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As a former North Dakota high school wrestler who spent countless hours watching [and competing against] the Napoleon team, I truly gained respect for these athletes and the community that backed them. A successful program like the Napoleon Wrestling team is only possible with the full support of their community. I felt that support coming from their fans back when I was in high school, and I still felt that pride and support the day I pulled these old bleachers out of their school. 

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It's kind of crazy to think how some things come back around in your life like this. Never did I think thatI would have a chance to own a piece of Napoleon High School history. I can say that it is an honor to hold onto a piece of this history that not only represents the many decades of amazing athletes from this small town, but more importantly--the fans and the community. Without this community, none of this success could have been possible. 

An immense amount of pride, respect, and love came from fans seated on these bleachers over the years. My crew and I are exceedingly honored that we are able to spread that pride, respect, and love onto new generations. Let's stop just building new houses and instead start building history into our homes... one old board at a time.

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