Live Edge Ash Slabs from Fargo's Own Urban Logged Lumber!

Certain parts of Fargo are notorious for their beautifully lined boulevards - 8th St South and North Broadway are both lined with mature trees and there are plenty of ash & elm in older neighborhoods close to downtown.

Trees help provide shade and add beauty to cities that otherwise can get easily overwhelmed by man made structures... but sometimes it is necessary to cut trees down for the health of the whole community.

At Dakota Timber Company we are committed to sourcing lumber sustainably to meet a wide range of commercial and residential needs- from functional applications like exterior siding and hardwood flooring to more decorative uses like wall paneling, shelves, and mantels. Whatever the end product- it is always our goal to save trees.

Most of the time this takes the form of sourcing reclaimed material - lumber that was logged long ago then utilized in it's original form (a beam in a building, siding on a barn, etc.) and was recently repurposed after the dismantling of the original structure. Urban logged lumber is another way to source lumber in a sustainable fashion - utilizing the lumber from urban trees that have to be taken down due to invasive species, placement on property lines, death/disease, or general damage.

Dakota Timber Co - Reclaimed Lumber Fargo - Live Edge Slabs.JPG

A program to remove & replace ash trees throughout Fargo (as a preventative measure against the Emerald Ash Borer) has lead to us being able to offer locally logged & milled live edge slabs. This wood would otherwise end up taking a trip through a wood chipper and being tossed in the local landfill but we are able to process it into gorgeous live edge slabs and other lumber products.

Live edge slabs open up a whole new world of design potential - from furniture like tables & benches to shelving with an organic edge. Bark on, bark off, raw or finished... there are so many different ways to use these beautiful pieces of lumber. We're excited to see what all of the creative people in our community come up with!

Our live edge slabs are all ash and come in a variety of sizes, ranging in price from $20 - $200 ready for your project! Swing by our showroom to see the selection in person or run a quick search for "live edge" online for a world of ideas for a project of your own.