The Process of Reclaimed Paneling: WARD

Have you ever wondered what the reclaimed material looks like before we mill it into paneling?

Wonder no more!  We recently got a semi load of some one-of-a-kind ND grain elevator material that we have been machining into a new, limited run of paneling called WARD. 

A lot of work goes into the process of turning raw boards into usable material. Read on to see some behind the scenes looks at the process! 


When the raw grain bin material first arrives, boards are stuck together in stacks by a ton of nails. Before we are able to machine any of the material, our guys have to rip apart the stacks and denail all of the material by hand.


Once all of the material has been denailed, the boards are milled to a 5/8" thickness and all sides are straightedged for easy installation. 

With this specific paneling style, the top surface is left with its natural patina.  Other paneling selections we offer are either planed, sanded, or finished in a special way to make them look a certain way.

IMG_4228 (1).jpeg

WARD is a great option for anyone looking for wood with a story. It's the classic reclaimed look that has become so popular and there's a limited amount of it available! 

Call to order this one-of-a-kind WARD paneling style before it's gone!

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