Live Edge Slabs

Live edge slabs bring a piece of history and nature to your home, your company…your space.

All of our live edge slabs come from local boulevard trees that have been taken down for preventative reasons, damage, etc. They are then brought to our Fargo yard and milled on one of our two sawmills. Once the logs have been milled into slabs, they are stacked and placed in our kiln to dry. Dry time varies based on many factors but, usually take around 2 months to dry.

Once the wood is dry, the guys work on each individual slab to “clean them up”. This process may involve cutting, planing, and sanding. After the slabs have been flattened, they are brought into our showroom and are available for purchasing. We leave majority of our slabs unfinished allowing you to choose the finish you would like applied to your favorite piece!

Below are a few images of customers slabs made into unique tables, shelves, and more!

Be sure to share your photos with us to be entered into a monthly drawing!