Reclaimed Wood Timbers

Literal TONS of Reclaimed Wood Mantels

We have been providing tons (literally... metric tons!) of reclaimed wood mantels to home owners and home builders this spring. From rustic to refined- we can cut, mill, sand, stain, and finish a custom reclaimed mantel to a nearly endless variety of sizes and styles.

reclaimed wood mantel

Our mantels are all made to order from reclaimed timbers that once lived as beams in barns, grain elevators, and other buildings throughout the Midwest. Our lumber yard is full of these reclaimed beauties just waiting to be transformed and installed above your cozy fireplace!

Reclaimed Wood Fargo

We are happy to sell raw, unfinished timbers for use as mantels but are better known for making ready to install, pre-finished reclaimed mantels. We even sell custom-made mounting hardware manufactured right here in Fargo by a local welding company!

A variety of mantel styles are on display in our showroom, note that the visible hardware is not the hardware that we offer to mount your mantel and is for display purposes only - our hardware will allow your mantel to "float" with no visible hardware.

A variety of mantel styles are on display in our showroom, note that the visible hardware is not the hardware that we offer to mount your mantel and is for display purposes only - our hardware will allow your mantel to "float" with no visible hardware.

Whether you are looking for a super rustic mantel or something a little more modern with cleaner lines, we can achieve just about any look through milling, machining, and finishing techniques. Our showroom in Fargo, ND displays some of our most popular sizes and styles and we are always happy to help you determine the right size and decide on the right finish for your particular project.

Reclaimed Mantel FAQ

Q: How much do mantels cost?

A: Mantels are priced by the board foot which is a unit of volume for timbers. You can download a quick reference sheet for pricing your mantel here or contact us with your specific size and style for a custom quote.

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Q: How do I install my mantel? / Will you install my mantel?

A: Our favorite way to install mantels is using our custom made mounting hardware. Our staff can consult with you to determine how many brackets you will need for your mantel and advise you on the process. We are unable to offer install services at this time but we do have a list of talented local craftsman that we refer for these types of projects. Building a home? Your home builder will mostly likely be able to see to the installation of your mantel :)

Q: Can I pick out the exact beam used for my mantel?

A: We have pretty limited showroom space so the mantels we have on display are only examples of different styles and finishes that are available. We usually choose the beam that we will use for your mantel based on your desired "look", keeping in mind your preference for nail holes, notches, splits, and other characteristics. If you are hoping to hand-select your beam we encourage you to make an appointment so that we can have a staff member walk you through our yard. To make an appointment please call us at 701-361-8827 or email us at






ICSS To Stock Large Reclaimed Wood Timbers In Addition To Millwork

Although ICSS has been involved in the salvaged wood industry since 2008, we are coming up on our second year of business here in Fargo, ND and have decided to begin stocking large reclaimed wood timbers in addition to providing millwork services.  

Never would we have expected the amazing outreach of support and enthusiasm this community has shown toward this industry in that time. Each day we are growing and helping bring sustainable building products into people's homes and businesses.

Our goal isto offer as diverse of an array of reclaimed wood products as is possible. To date, we offer paneling, flooring, mantels, raw board stock, and now a large inventory of beams. We custom machine and mill our wood right here in Fargo. We are the supplier, millwork, and retailer. No middle-men here. 

With our move to stock large beams, we hope to bring more structural components to people's homes that are 100% reclaimed and sustainable. The idea is that we can reduce the impact of modern-day logging by counteracting the demand with salvaged wood that was already logged over 100 years ago. 

Since the beginning, ICSS and its founder, Seth Carlson, have always embraced sustainability and reuse over profits. To this day, our overarching goal is to provide affordable access to sustainable products for anyone who demands it. You want to co-exist with the planet? Great. We'd love to help you make that happen.

ICSS Stocks New Reclaimed Barn Timbers From Fergus Falls | Minnesota Reclaimed Wood

Last week, we were able to get our hands on some beautiful reclaimed pine timbers. These were salvaged out of the Fergus Falls area in Minnesota.

Most of the dimensions are 4x6, 6x6, and 8x8. The possibilities are endless with these gorgeous beams. Whether it is for a mantle, furniture piece, shelving, decorative ceiling rafters, or to build that rustic guest cottage you've always dreamed of; these beams will help you get that job done with just the right touch of reclaimed warmth.

In addition to the pine timbers, we also got a handful of oak beams. These are very rustic, and very cool! Dimensions available are 8x8x12'-16' timbers as well as a bunch of 6x8 white oak blocks from the Globe Grain Elevator.  

Whatever your next project may be, take a second and consider how you can incorporate sustainable products into your home while also adding rare beauty and warmth found nowhere else but in reclaimed wood.  Check out a few more images of this inventory below and give us a call at 701-361-8827 if you are interested in placing an order or send us an email.