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ICSS Sources Historic 90's Era NDSU Modular Basketball Floor | Fargo Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The former Bison Sports Arena (now titled the Sanford Health Athletic Complex) revealed a hidden gem a month ago in its third floor boiler room. Currently, the building is undergoing a huge renovation to bring it up to Division 1 NCAA standards. While construction crews were working on utilities, they discovered this mysterious pile of wood when crawling around in the storage area and utility room. After a little investigating, they found it to be the 90s era modular basketball floor. 

This modular basketball floor was purchased in 1989 and remained the main playing floor for all basketball events throughout the 90s and early 2000s. Rumor has it, this was even used previous to 1989 in a different school. It was sold to NDSU and was stripped and repainted with new logos to replace the old rubber floors. It was then the official new playing field for Bison Basketball.

This "recycling" process with collegiate floors is nothing new. Every year, the Final Four tournament calls on many schools to purchase brand new floors, while their old floors (still useable) are forced to move on to a new home. In fact, one company specializes in refinishing these used modular floors so that they can see 20 more years of play at a new location. Although this refinishing process costs around $25,000, it definitely beats paying for a brand new floor. Prices for these [on the low end] start at $100,000.

So why isn't this floor being used any more? We guess that with the technological improvements of sporting facilities, this floor just became outdated. Today, modular basketball floors have up to 5 layers of "magic" material underneath the wood which eek out any dead spots and provide ample give for athletes jumping, running, and falling on these every day. 

Though vintage, this old modular floor still assembles quite easily and is beautiful when put together, showing off NDSU logos along the baselines and center court. We here at ICSS still have no idea what our plan for it is yet, but will hopefully have an answer before September. 

Yes, this old floor may have a few creaks here and there, but I'm guessing true Bison Fans are gonna be OK with that.  Besides, you know what a new basketball floor doesn't have that this one does

40 years of blood, sweat, and tears embedded in between the solid maple floor boards.