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LIVE Reclaimed Wood Paneling Installation

Watch Seth as he channels his inner Bob Ross/Tom Silva/Shoeless Hippie Handyman and presents you with a quick and easy install guide for covering a small nook in reclaimed wood paneling. This 1-2 hour project is a great way to update any room!

*Paneling used in video is LOGAN - natural clear coat on skip sanded reclaimed mix*

Interested in trying this DIY project? View our current selection for paneling & flooring or visit us at either our Fargo or Bismarck location to see our selections in person.

Reclaimed Wood Project Boards

There are a lot of things we love about our new space at 3202 7th Ave N in Fargo (the spacious showroom, the fact that our finishing, milling, and machining operations are all under one roof, and the ample yard space for an ever expanding inventory... just to name a few). 

One of the new features our clients love the most, however, is our new grab & go reclaimed board section. Just behind the main wall in our showroom we have a huge selection of reclaimed wood boards that are perfect for DIY projects.

We stock reclaimed boards ranging from $2-$15 depending on size. 

We stock reclaimed boards ranging from $2-$15 depending on size. 

Whether you're looking for a few small boards or enough reclaimed lumber to put together a coffee table or desk, we stock our by the board section weekly with material that is ready to take home. 

There's no need to distress new lumber or tear apart pallets - we have the largest selection of authentic reclaimed lumber in the region at prices that can't be beat. Swing in any time M-F 9am to 5:30 or Saturday from 9am - noon to browse our by the board section and find the perfect piece for your project!

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