Tired of ISIS jokes, lumber salvage company changes names

FARGO—ICSS Supply Co. was an "inside joke" that Seth Carlson thought up when he needed a name for his new salvaged lumber company in 2012.

It's also been the source of many jokes lately, and Carlson is ready for his business to move on by changing the name to Dakota Timber Co.


"I can tell you the No. 1 reason was because we were sick of people calling us ISIS," he said, referring to the Islamic State militant organization.

Last month was also a good time to make a change, the company's president of operations said, after the company streamlined its business model to make it more clear what it does.The original name stood for Ingvald's Conservation and Sustainable Sourcing, a play on his former Duluth business while in college, Ingvald's Custom Builds. He already changed the legal name from ICSS Design and Supply to ICSS Supply Co. because the original name made customers think the business designed and built furniture, which it doesn't do.

Instead, he said Dakota Timber Co. can be thought of as a modern-day, full-production sawmill that processes salvaged lumber into new building materials, such as flooring, paneling, trimwork and beams. After getting a start in Fargo, the company moved about two years ago to Moorhead, where it now has a finish department at 2419 12th Ave. S. and a main facility at 1325 23rd St. S.


Carlson said Dakota Timber Co. is now preparing to move into a newly renovated space at 3202 7th Ave. N. in Fargo, a move that will be completed in time for a March 2 grand opening event.

It gives the company a chance to get new machinery, set up properly in a much larger space and increase its output, he said.