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WDAY News Feature: ICSS Supply Co. Partners With AENDEE - Launches "Little Scrappy Tree Co."

Moorhead (WDAY TV) - Putting up a Christmas Tree can be a joyful, painful, delightful family time. The cure for the trauma of trimming the tree: A Little Scrappy Tree. One couple's crazy idea is now a reality.

In a south Moorhead shop, Ashley Dedin and Seth Carlson have their own Santa's Little Workshop. Two elves cutting and drilling old, recycled and now re-purposed wood.

"And then it is just a matter of working your way up in layers," Dedin said.

A few pieces of layered wood, a steel rod and wooden base and you have what has become this area's newest holiday business: A Little Scrappy Tree.

"You could make these out of wood, but the fact they are made out of wood that had a different life as something else and being turned into a tree again," Dedin said.

You can buy the tree raw, bring it home and decorate it or buy already lighted with garland made out of flannel shirts.

From small to custom made tall little scrappy trees. From $25 to $95. Seth and Ashley each have their own creative businesses. Seth reclaimed wood, Ashley turns shirts into bowties, and they combined their talents to come up with this. 

"White pine, douglas fir, ponderosa pine and those are usually Christmas trees, and so it is kind of funny that the wood is going back and becoming a Christmas tree after it lived one or two lives," Carlson said.

A simple product made right here now being shipped to Christmas tree lovers around the world.

You can make your own Little Scrappy Tree on Thursday December 3rd at the south Moorhead warehouse.

Watch the WDAY interview here:  http://www.wday.com/news/3885839-fargo-moorhead-made-little-scrappy-tree-co-turns-wood-and-steel-christmas-miracle-your