Dakota Timber Co. goes beyond rustic barn wood and reclaimed beams! Urban salvaged lumber is one way that we can source lumber sustainably and keep it local.   Request A Quote

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Salvaged LOGS From North Dakota Communities

Across North Dakota, city forestry departments and tree services have been removing trees for disease prevention and storm damage which has led to us being able to offer locally logged & milled live edge slabs, dimensional lumber, and a vast array of many more lumber products. This wood would otherwise end up taking a trip through a wood chipper and getting tossed in the local landfill. Instead, we are able to process it into gorgeous wood goods.

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Live edge slabs and dimensional boards open up a whole new world of design potential - from furniture such as tables & benches to shelving with an organic edge. Bark on, bark off, raw or finished... there are so many different ways to use these beautiful pieces of lumber. We're excited to see what all of the creative people in our community come up with!

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Our live edge slabs are milled from ash, elm, oak, and other local species and come in a variety of sizes, starting as cheap as $20 ranging into +$200 for larger pieces. We can machine and finish these in house to get them ready for your next project. Swing by our showroom to see our material in person or run a quick search for "live edge" online for a world of ideas for a project of your own.